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I excel in work that’s particularly vibrant, creative, and expressive.  Whatever your photography needs may be with your particular organization – staff head shots, event coverage, product images, marketing collateral, executive editorial work, or group photos – I can meet your needs from top to bottom in one simple streamlined process. No need to hire multiple studios for individual projects. I have the skill and experience to cover the entire range of your corporate needs as well as all your post-processing needs.


A.b.o.u.t M.e.

Being able to capture a perfect moment in time has always been what has inspired me to pursue a profession in Photography.  During my 10 years in photography I have been privileged to meet and photograph people from all walks of life.  Covering corporate events, corporate and family portraits, and fashion photography are my specialty.  However, nature photography will always hold a special place in my love of the art.


  • LinkedIn Corporate Event

  • CBS - Under The Dome Event

  • Comic Con events

  • Electronic Entertainment Expo

  • Mercedes Smart Car Event

  • Schick Comic Con Event

  • People’s Choice Awards

  • BET Awards

  • Taylor Swift Promotion Event

  • Nike Promotion Event

  • Glamour Shots

  • Lee Mar Pet Supplies Website

  • Kiddie Kandids


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